Local happy with snow clearing

Woodbeck a strong advocate for changes


A local resident who has been a strong advocate for changes to the District of Houston’s snowclearing practices says she’s absolutely happy with service improvements authorized by council.

Joanne Woodbeck, who is blind and who uses a guide dog to get around, has had trouble in the past navigating the District’s sidewalks, particularly those in the downtown core.

So council’s approval last week of a plan to bump a number of sidewalks within the downtown core from a Priority 2 clearing status of beginning when there is four inches of snow to Priority 1 status of beginning when there is two inches of snow is “fantastic,” she said.

“I’m very pleased. Clearing those areas of the downtown core will mean so much for pedestrians and for businesses. It’ll really help those businesses,” Woodbeck said.

She’s also happy the list of what will be Priority 1 sidewalks stretches into the residential area.

“This is giving the opportunity for the community to walk to the downtown core,” Woodbeck added. “There are moms with strollers, older people as well.”

“I’m really happy.”