Christmas lights

Christmas lights

Light up to look different this year

This year the Chamber will hire a contractor to decorate the existing trees in the park, rather then hire groups to put up tree stands.

Light up will look different in Houston this year.

In the past, the Houston Chamber of Commerce has hired local groups and clubs to set up and decorate small stands of trees.

This year they will hire a contractor to decorate the trees around town and in Steelhead Park.

Council approved that request last Tuesday.

Troy Reitsma, Chamber President, says the little tree stands are falling apart and it’s a “constant battle to get groups to come out each year.”

“And if it’s not done right, it looks terrible and looks bad on our community,” he said.

“We have this beautiful park, it would be so nice to actually decorate some of the trees in it.”

The budget will stay the same.