Let there be light

BC Hydro has been authorized to replace all of its current street lighting within the District to a standard called 4000K.

The provincial crown corporation is embarking upon a province-wide street light conversion program and has asked municipalities to choose one of two LED standards.

The 4000k one now selected by the District matches its own street lights and offers a brighter street view for night-time motorists and is considered to provide more lighting in rural areas with fewer street lights.

That follows a request made by the provincial crown corporation to choose either the 4000k standard, referred to as a cooler neutral light, or 3000k which is described as being softer and warmer.

The ‘k’ stands for Kelvin and the higher the Kelvin rating, the whiter the light.

Grant for grant writer sought

The District is applying to the Northern Development Initiative Trust for a $8,000 grant to help pay for its grant writing service offered to local community groups.

“The grant writer supports communities by preparing funding applications to agencies, foundations, and government programs to access more funding dollars …..” wrote communications officer Holly Brown in a memo to council.