Information sessions to aid the job search

Opportunities for work may be on Houston's doorstep.The District is trying to help with the challenge to find and take advantage of them.

Opportunities for work may be on Houston’s doorstep.

The challenge is finding and taking advantage of them.

That is why information sessions are being organized: to help people explore opportunities for employment, training and self-employment.

They are part of the Labour Market Strategy Project of the District of Houston, which runs with $51,490 from the Ministry of Social Development and $15,650 from in-kind contributions.

The information sessions will be three hours and will include lots of time for questions.

“We’re really hoping for a lot of interactive dialogue,” said Pat Hufnagel-Smith, a consultant for the project.

“The goal is to provide information for people who are looking at employment and career options so they can make informed decisions around what they want to do.”

Hufnagel-Smith says there are a number of people looking for work or training, who don’t want to leave this region.

The sessions will look at job prospects and which occupations will be in demand in Houston and Northern B.C. in the future.

It will also discuss future economic activity in the region such as mining, natural gas and pipelines.

For those looking for camp work, it will cover how to find that work and how to assess whether the camp life is right for you.

Information will be there on transferable skills, how to start your own business, and how to connect with employers or training opportunities in the region.

“It’s just sort of broadening the perspective around job search and where the future of employment might be,” said Hufnagel-Smith.

The information sessions are June 19 at the Northwest Community College. They will run twice, once in the afternoon and once in the evening to allow everyone opportunity to attend.

For more information talk to Andrea Newell at 250-845-1157 or email