HVAC overhaul to continue this summer

HVAC overhaul to continue this summer

Upgrades at Houston Secondary School (HSS) are a long-time coming, according to Dave Margerm, secretary treasurer at School District 54.

The district is carrying out an overhaul to the heating and ventilation system that will involve ripping up the walls this summer, he said.

Margerm indicated that the work will improve energy efficiency and air quality at the school.

The upgrades — which began last year — will continue this summer with funds from the provincial government, he said.

The province recently announced that the school district would receive a grant worth $977,000 for the upgrades. It’s the second installment in grants worth a total of $1.8 million for the overhaul, Margerm added.

A request for proposals for contractors is expected to be released soon, said Margerm.