Houston Snowmobile Club gets new outhouses on trails

Volunteers made installation possible as club gears up for winter

With snow already on the ground, the Houston Snowmobile has been ramping up it’s operations over the past few weeks in preparation for the winter season. Two new outhouses were installed in mid October.

According to a representative for the club, the new outhouses were provided by Recreation Sites & Trails BC, one being from their 2019-2020 surplus, and the other from their 2020-2021 budget. Both outhouses were installed on the Telkwa Range.

As for the locations, one is in the parking lot and one is at the cabin. The outhouse at the cabin was due to be replaced for safety reasons, and the one in the parking lot is a new, convenient location as per riders and members’ requests.

The materials for the outhouses were donated by E&J Sawmill.

E&J Sawmill donated the lumber for the build, and Westland Helicopters donated helicopter time to sling the outhouse and supplies to the site.

According to the representative, there were at least five club members who volunteered on the projects, digging the hole, installing the culvert and putting it up.