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Houston RCMP seize weapons, drugs and cash

Search warrant executed at two residences
RCMP officers seized drugs, weapons and cash in executing a search warrant. (File photo)

Houston RCMP are continuing to make drug seizures with the latest coming after receiving information of suspicious activity.

This time information of suspicious activity received in the middle of September prompted an investigation which then caused police to learn that further people could be involved.

“Surveillance, conducted on a residence, resulted in one person found with suspected illicit drugs,” indicated a Houston RCMP press release of Oct 3.

“Surveillance was conducted at another residence a short distance away and police observed vehicles arriving and staying briefly over a short time period.”

With a search warrant in hand for two residences in the community, police said they seized four firearms, a large sum of cash small amounts of illicit substances, various drug trafficking materials and a large amount of suspect methamphetamine and fentanyl.

“We continue to focus on these types of offences. With the removal of these items from the streets certainly contributes to public safety,” said Cpl. Ryan Fillmore from the Houston RCMP detachment.

The investigation continues and any information about this is welcomed by the Houston RCMP at (250) 845-2204.

This is the fourth such seizure on the part of the RCMP in Houston since spring.