Houston rallies for grocery store

On Mar. 28 social media exploded for residents of Houston with a notice to contact Buy-Low Foods

On Mar. 28 social media exploded for residents of Houston with a notice to contact Buy-Low Foods to express their full support for a grocery store in Houston.

On the District of Houston Facebook page on Mar. 29, a letter from Shane Brienen, mayor of Houston, to Daniel Bregg,president of Buy-Low Foods, was released expressing council’s support for Buy-Low Foods to bring their store to the community.

“It is our belief that your store will fit well with our community, contributing to the health and well-being in our community.We are looking forward to having your store as a part of our community,” wrote Brienen.

Brienen also wrote that if Buy-Low Foods has any inquiries about investing in Houston, including development regulations,community amenities, and the surrounding areas, to contact the chief administrative officer for the District of Houston.

Many residents that have submitted and email to Bregg have already received responses.

“I have received many, many emails and social media posts encouraging us to locate a Buy-Low Foods store in the community of Houston, B.C. While it is too early for me to answer with any certainty, we are reviewing the opportunity very seriously and having discussions with a number of people that can provide us with the information and insight necessary to determining whether or not it would be viable for us to open a store in the community,” said Bregg.

Bregg says that he is very impressed with the warmth and passion of all the people that have written to him. “I do appreciate the confidence that they have shown in our brand, your thinking of Buy-Low Foods as an option for the residents of Houston and we’re very hopeful that we’ll have the opportunity to serve you.”

Houston council supports the rally of residents writing to Buy-Low Foods to show their support. Posted on the District ofHouston Facebook page was a signed memo from Brienen requesting that the community contribute positive letters to support the venture.

“We are hoping and encourage residents to take the time to email and call Dan Bregg to show their full support and interest into bringing Buy Low Foods to Houston,” said Brienen.