Houston may get a new X-Ray machine

Houston may get a new X-Ray machine

An x-ray machine replacement is being considered for the Houston Health Centre but when its purchase might be approved isn’t yet known.

The replacement, carrying a value of $727,000, is listed on the latest long term capital expenditure planning document prepared by the Northern Health Authority.

The document lists projects for which budgetary approval has yet be authorized but which are considered a very high priority for the 2020-2021 fiscal year beginning next April 1

That same document also contains other purchases under consideration but which have yet to make it to the high priority list. A new x-ray machine as well as a new phone system, valued at $158,000l, are on this latter list.

“This type of document helps support our funding partners in their own fiscal planning and resource allocation strategies,” said Northern Health official Andrea Palmer of the capital expenditure planning document.

“Both the new phone system and the x-ray machine replacement for the Houston Health Centre have been identified as needed for the capital planning list, and both are currently in planning stages, not funded for the next fiscal year,” she said.

To a large extent, capital expenditure projects are financed 60 per cent by Northern Health and/or the provincial government and 40 per cent through property taxes raised by the North West Regional Hospital District.

But that cost split can vary depending upon the capital expenditure being proposed.