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Houston Mall closes public washrooms for good

Extreme anti-social behaviour drives decision
This is the hallway that leads to the mall bathrooms. The signage indicating the bathrooms were located down the hall and on doors have now been removed. (Angelique Houlihan photo/Houston Today)

The Houston Mall has not only closed its public washrooms there are reports they will be removed altogether.

Continued closure of the washrooms follows attempts to keep them open over the years in the face of extreme examples of anti-social behaviour.

Reported behaviour includes drug use, alcohol consumption and disruptive language and behaviour.

Mall managers have, however, declined to comment on the ongoing closures and reports circulating that the washrooms will be removed altogether because there are no plans to ever open the facilities again.

In the meantime the mall’s other practice of removing benches also continues.

They have also been removed several times to curtail cases of anti-social behaviour.

Mall managers are also not commenting on the bench removal.

With the mall washrooms now gone, visitors stopping into the community have fewer washroom choices but the Houston and District Chamber of Commerce does have two washrooms at its information centre for travellers.