Houston Health Fair to increase awareness

Northern Health is increasing mental health staff in Houston and working with the Community Services Pillar to plan a Houston Health Fair.

Northern Health is increasing their mental health staff in Houston as the closure date for Houston Forest Products draws near.

They hired a full-time mental health and addictions clinician to work at the Houston Health Centre, said Sally Sullivan, Coordinator of the Houston Health Centre.

They also posted to hire a part-time life skills worker, she said.

Jonathan Dyck, Public Affairs Officer with Northern Health, said they have no plans to decrease Health Centre services because of the HFP closure.

Northern Health is represented in the Community Services Transition Pillar group by Sally Sullivan, Houston Health Centre Coordinator, and Cormac Hikisch, Health Service Administrator for the east cluster of Northern Health.

The group has met bi-weekly since November 2013 to discuss support for service organizations as they help the community transition after the HFP closure.

One of the things they’ve discussed is a Houston Health Fair in August.

“We are hoping to attach a Health Fair to another upcoming event,” Sullivan said.

The Health Fair will have exhibits with information on things like diabetes, nutrition and chronic disease.

People will also be able to talk to a dietician and measure their blood sugar and blood pressure.

“We want people to be aware of the services at the Houston Health Centre and to learn more about chronic disease management and healthy living,” Sullivan said.

More details on the Health Fair will be available in the coming months.