Houston council updates

Houston council updates

Library summer success, stairs on Mountainview Drive being repaired

At a recent council meeting, counsellor John Siebenga reported that the Houston Public Library has been very successful this summer.

“Lots of stuff was happening at the library in the summer, and they were quite happy about that because they had some budget cut backs because they did not receive funding for one of the people that normally operate some of the programs, but they were able to juggle it and do the program anyways,” said counsellor Siebenga.

Counsellor Jonathan Van Barneveld asked district staff when the stairs on Mountainview Drive will be repaired.

In April 2017 on Mountainview Drive a vehicle swerved off the road to avoid hitting an animal and collided into the covered stairway at the top of the hill leading to the Jamie Baxter Park.

Michael Glavin, Chief Administrative Officer for the District of Houston, replied, “It has gone through the insurance claim and our investors are taking care of it. A contract has been awarded, construction should be underway soon. It should be completed by the fall.”

Counsellor Van Barneveld asked, “I had someone ask me about the recycling presentation and was wondering if staff is looking into it or not?”

In August 2017, the Smithers area recycling society presented a proposal to Houston council to investigate the possibility of applying for a contract to remove single stream recyclables from the waste stream, which would go to Curbside Recycling-Residential in Smithers B.C., and reduce the volume of household materials that enter the landfills as well as provide revenue back into the District of Houston.

“We are looking into it, there is a lot of information to digest. It will be coming through council sooner rather than later,” said Glavin.

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