Paving roads.

Paving roads.

Houston council picks paving priorities for 2013

With a $100,000 budget, the District of Houston is paving part of Hamblin Frontage Road and 11th Street this year.

The District of Houston is paving part of Hamblin Frontage Road and 11th Street this year.

With a $100,000 budget for paving, council discussed their options at the council meeting last week Tuesday.

They considered seven roads in need of repairs (Butler Avenue, Copeland Avenue, and 9th, 10th and 11th Street, etc.) and eight roads in need of patch work (CN crossing on Tweedie Avenue, North Nadina Road, 5th Street and Tweedie, adjacent 3131 Hagman Crescent, etc.).

Tony Edwards, Interim Director of Engineering & Development Services, suggested they do all the patchwork and choose one or two bigger repair projects.

“It’s not wise to try to spread money around… do a proper job and you won’t have to deal with it again,” he said.

Edwards said the District is obligated to do patching because some of the pavement damage was caused by the District of Houston doing projects such as water main repairs.

“Hamblin [Frontage Road] has a lot of traffic on it and clearly it’s an important commercial frontage road for the municipality so we thought it should get high attention,” said Edwards.

Edwards said that Butler Avenue was another road they considered a priority, but it needs a lot of work on both the asphalt and the curb/gutters.

The four sections needing asphalt cost an estimated $184,000 together and the curbs and gutters $56,000.

It could be done partly this year and partly next year, Edwards said.

Councillor Michalle Jolly suggested they leave Butler, budget a bit more next year and do the paving and curbs at once, and then do Hamblin Frontage Road this year.

Councillor Kyle Thomson agreed, adding that it’s a highly visible street and should be done.

Deputy Mayor Shane Brienen said he agrees as well, but would like to see Butler Avenue done next year.

So, council agreed that they will do patching, pave part of Hamblin Frontage Road and use the money left in the budget towards 11th Street, by the 11th and Poulton Avenue intersection.

In addition, the Public Works crew is currently doing pothole repairs on local roads and minor repairs on arterials, collectors and commercial roads.