Houston brand up for public vote

Two options for a Houston brand are up for public vote as of last Friday, with slogans "Real Life. Real people," or 'Naturally Amazing."

Two Houston brand options are up for public vote as of last Friday.

The two slogans, “Real Life. Real People,” and “Naturally Amazing,”  will voted on until Friday, July 11, along with two logo options. Votes will determine how Houston will be branded for future marketing.

The branding and website update project has a $63,000 budget,  with $55,000 covered by grants. The District paid $38,000 for a contract with Thornley Creative Communications for developing the brand.

Consultants Chris and Lawanda Thornley, met with Houston business people, residents and high school students in mid-April to talk about the values and strengths of the community.

From that they developed the brands presented now.

The public can cast votes at the District office or on the Chamber of Commerce or District of Houston websites. See page 8 in this paper for graphics of the options.