The late Pat Sabiston who is the inspiration behind the Houston Arts Alive Exhibit project. (Elizabeth Watson photo/Houston Today)

The late Pat Sabiston who is the inspiration behind the Houston Arts Alive Exhibit project. (Elizabeth Watson photo/Houston Today)

Houston Arts Alive Exhibit

Community art exhibit in honor of the late Pat Sabiston

Houston resident Elizabeth Watson is organizing the Houston Arts Alive Exhibit, a community art exhibit in honour of her late grandmother Pat Sabiston.

“This idea initiated from Pat Sabiston, my grandmother. She started the Arts Alive group in Clearwater, B.C., where I grew up. She supported the Arts Alive exhibit yearly, for the four years prior to her passing,” Watson told Houston Today.

“Pat got the word out, gathered a large group of artist friends and set about creating this exhibit. They collectively agreed on a photo of hers to each take away and interpret and recreate in their own vision and their own art medium. The artwork could range from painting to poetry, quilting or stained glass. The results were always an incredible collection of the brilliance of different perspectives and much talent,” she continued.

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Watson took from her grandmother’s idea to create the Houston Arts Alive Exhibit. A group of artists that sign up will create their own interpretation of a picture using their own medium. This could be anything from painting, stained glass, pottery, drawing, floral arrangements or jewellery.

The group is offering local artists a chance to connect with each other and build their own brands as well as a chance to help build Houston’s art culture.

“The group will meet in mid April and agree upon an a deadline for the artwork to be completed and put on display for any and all to view. The display will be held at the Palisades Cafe with no purchase necessary, that’s not the intent of this initiative. After the exhibit, artists are free to do what they would like with their artwork, whether it be sell, gift, or keep. We’re even aiming to showcase the selected photograph in an inspired cake at the cafe,” said Watson.

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After the group has had their first initial meeting, an exhibit time frame will be set and announced to all.

“Pat was a strong woman who was a poet and photographer, among many other things. She felt a strong sense of both community and art, in all it’s shapes and forms, and she felt the arts alive exhibit could support both of this ideals. In honor of my grandmother and with passion for the idea of using art to build community, I’m truly excited to see the interest in Houston, and even more excited to see what incredible creations come from this initiative,” Watson said.

According to Watson, there is only one exhibit being planned for now, but she hopes to make the exhibit into an annual event.

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