Houston and Granisle RCMP annual performance update

Corporal Steve Thackeray delegated the RCMP annual performance update to the District of Houston council on Feb. 21.

On behalf of the Houston and Granisle RCMP detachment, Corporal Steve Thackeray delegated the RCMP annual performance update to the District of Houston council on Feb. 21.

Across Northern B.C. in 2008, RCMP detachments went to a strictly electronic database called Police Records InformationManagement Environment. This system makes it easier for the RCMP to track their statistical information.

“Since 2008, here in Houston, we’ve had an increase in calls for service of violent crime. It has increased every single year.From 2009 to 2015 that increase was 18 per cent in seven years,” explained Cpl. Thackeray. “In one year, from year end2015 to year end 2016, we reduced our calls for service by 12.8 per cent.”

Corporal Thackeray said that the RCMP attributes this to the the Prolific Offender Program and the Social Chronic OffenderProgram.

“That’s how we use our statistical analysis to identify those people in our community that are doing the most harm. That are committing the most violent offences. No longer are the days of the police arbitrarily going around and investigating calls.We still do that, but we have to use our resources more efficiently,” said Cpl. Thackeray.

Corporal Thackeray said that most of Houston’s prolific offenders have left the community. This year for the first time theRCMP identified a social chronic offender.

“That social chronic offender is someone who commits crime within our community, however the common factor is that they have an addiction, whether that is drug or alcohol, or they suffer from mental health issues,” explained Cpl. Thackeray.

The RCMP have identified this individual in the community in the spring of last year and have worked directly with the hospital in Prince George to get them into detox. This person accounted for 150 calls for service from the police in the last five years. Since this person came out of detox RCMP have dealt with them a few times, but from Oct. 15, 2016 until Jan.27, 2017, the RCMP have not had any calls for service regarding this individual.

“By doing more proactive work, we reduce our calls significantly,” commented Cpl. Thackeray.

This year, for the first time ever for the Houston and Granisle detachment, Constable Ryan Creasey was recognized by B.C.Alexa’s Team.

“It is very, very rare for a general duty member to accomplish that,” commented Cpl. Thackeray. “Usually that kind of recognition is found in members doing full time traffic services.”

Alexa’s Team is recognition for police officers in B.C. that have done a certain amount of impaired driving investigations.

Traffic statistics remain consistent. For the third quarter last year the detachment had 63 traffic stats. The annual goal is220.

The RCMP have been keeping actively involved within the Houston community by going to the Houston Secondary School twice a month for the hot breakfast program, have had members at the Remembrance Day ceremony in Houston and Granisle, as well as attend the light up in Houston and do school presentations.