Housing Society kicks off fundraising for new independent seniors home

The Houston Retirement Housing Society wants to raise $100,000 by May 2015 to start building a new home in Pleasant Valley Village.

Noreen Scott

Noreen Scott

The Houston Retirement Housing Society wants to raise $100,000 by May 2015.

Kicking off their fund raising, the society is preparing to build a new $700,000 seniors housing complex in May.

Called “Cedar,” the building will be the third complex in the 11th Street Pleasant Valley Village and will follow the same design as the other two.

It will provide six new independent-living homes for seniors, four two-bedroom and two one-bedroom.

“We already have a waiting list for people that would like to live in the new place,” said President Arnold Amonson. “Quite a few actually.”

Board Member Nora Jean David says they have $13,500 raised to date, mostly from the Helen Sullivan Walkathon this fall.

Donations can be made at the Bulkley Valley Credit Union or Houston Royal Bank and tax receipts are available.

“We’re really happy with the support we’ve had in past years,” Amonson said.

“We’ll be looking for volunteers for construction in May.”

The Housing Society will have a table with information and coffee at the Serendipity Sale at the mall November 28 and 29.