A fourth housing complex for Pleasant Valley Village is being planned for next year. (Houston Today photo)

A fourth housing complex for Pleasant Valley Village is being planned for next year. (Houston Today photo)

Housing society closes year on a positive note

Additional sixplex planned for next year

The Houston Retirement Housing Society has reported another good year of a stable revenue picture with one of its units becoming vacant but a new renter then moving in.

“Expenses remained reasonable with some repairs to lights and heating units,” said society president Arnold Amonson in his annual report for 2020 released at the society’s annual general meeting Dec. 7.

“We were able to pay off more than our monthly mortgage costs so we are comfortable that our rental rates and costs are well in line. We have decided to increase our rental rates every second year so that we are keeping up with inflation,” he said.

The society did have plans this year to add a fourth sixplex to its Pleasant Valley Village on 11th Street and Avalon Avenue but shelved that when the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

It will now undertake that expansion next year.

“We have decided to go ahead in 2021 even if we have to depend less on volunteers,” Amonson said.

Construction financing will follow the society’s core principle of not relying on government financing so as to retain its independence.

But it will request a grant in aid to cover the cost of the District’s building permit, said Amonson.

In terms of day to day operations, the society did hire a new lawn care company and will stay with the company it has used previously for snow clearing and sanding.

“John Groot has continued to carry out all kinds of work around the lot in preparation for the new building. This included moving the garden and making it a raised garden. He has also acquired many loads of gravel and soil,” said Amonson.

Plans for early 2021 include starting a Facebook page to keep people aware of what the society is doing and what volunteers may be needed.

Amonson is returning as the society president, Henk Buter is vice president, Shannon Clarke is treasurer and Michelle Standbridge is the secretary. Two new directors were added.

“Board members are very happy that board member Henk Buter has become our go to “fixer” for concerns around Pleasant Valley Village,” Amonson added. He also gives Buter a hand when needed.