Harms responds to Flemming

Sandy Harms responded to the recent presentation made to the District of Houston council.

Sandy Harms, local business owner,  responded to the recent presentation made to the District of Houston council by Deborah Flemming about his new proposed industrial business.

“I just want to put out a lot of fires to the rumours about what has been happening,” said Harms.

In her presentation, Deborah Flemming stated that Harms’ compound will be eight times the maximum allowable size under the A2 bylaw.

Harms replied,  “It hasn’t gone through development, I haven’t purchased the development permit yet but I am applying for a 40×60 [building] with a small office attached. It is all within my square footage in the home industry bylaws.”

According to the District of Houston, under A2 bylaw Harms’ proposal is within the specifications. “Yes it is – Article 5.13 section 4 allows for a building with a floor area of 95 sq. metres which is 2,690 sq. ft.,” said Michael Glavin, Chief Administrator for the District of Houston

Harms also addressed the environmental issues Flemming had for the concerned area,  “We will be having a secondary compound for disabled vehicles located at Aurora. The primary one, which will be on lot [on Pioneer Road not Estates Drive], that one will be for operable vehicles. They will have no environmental impact on the area.”

Another aspect Harms wanted to clarify was the number of allowable vehicles at the location of his home business. Although Harms owns six vehicles,  he clarified, “Four vehicles will be based on the lot. All the [other] additional vehicles have been arranged to be a different location.”

“One thing I want for people to know is that everything I am doing is in accordance with the bylaws. I’m taking the residence and all my neighbours into consideration as far as environment, dust, noise, anything that is going to be a concern for anybody within the residence. As far as operating afters hours, there will be no extra noise over what the highway already has for highway noise, or other people in the area that have logging trucks that drive them down to the highway,” said Harms.

Harms shared his business goal and its relation to the community, “My goal is to have my business represent this community and what the community stands for. This community is based on resource and industry.”