Hallowe’en candy hand out a success

Volunteer firefighters did the distribution

Lieutenant Shay Nichols and firefighter Tyler Wardrop were among those from the Houston Volunteer Fire Department distributing candy bags Halloween night. (Houston Volunteer Fire Department photo)

The District of Houston’s recruiting of the Houston Volunteer Fire Department to distribute candy bags Hallowe’en night was a success, says District leisure services director Tasha Kelly.

Firefighters handed out 384 bags over a two-hour period early Hallowe’en night in various parts of the community.

The bags were made up of community donations, supplemented by the District as needed.

“We had about nine members in three trucks out handing out the candy. I think it all went very well,” said fire chief Jim Daigneault.

This distribution method incorporated COVID-19 protocols as no large gatherings are permitted under a public health order.

And was also made necessary because the venue where a community celebration was traditionally held, the PV Plaza, is no longer open.

“I hope to involve the fire department annually, as it helped alleviate stress on our end of finding a venue,” said Kelly.

She said the fire department also had the chance to increase its public profile and promote safety awareness.

As well, the District offered up free swims by appointment at the leisure facility. There was a limit on the number of swimmers at any one time in order to follow COVID-19 safety protocols.

“It was a good opportunity for members to get back in the facility who perhaps had not been there. There were three sessions offered in which 63 people took advantage of,” said Kelly.