Grocery stocks replenished in Houston, Burns lake

Local stores say inventory levels are back to normal

After over a week of uncertainty about local grocery store’s ability to get food stocks to the area due to flooding downsouth, things by all accounts are back under control.

According to a representative from Buy-Low Foods, they are not experiencing any significant problems with grocery stocks at the Houston location.

“There may be certain specific items that run low on inventory from time to time as the supply chain in B.C. recovers from the major flood event. We have had deliveries of meat and produce all through the event and while deliveries may be delayed due to road conditions, the store has received multiple deliveries of grocery products over the past two weeks,” said the representative.

Over in Burns Lake, according to Burns Lake Wholesale Club Manager Ray Bruce, the store returned to its normal food stock level on Nov. 26. “We switched warehouses temporarily, and food trucks are now coming in from Calgary and Edmonton as opposed to Vancouver,” said Bruce.

Houston Today also spoke to a representative from Save On Foods, who said that the Burns Lake location is also once again receiving regular shipments of food.

”When the flood hit, we used all of our resources and worked closely with local authorities to get product to our stores, including distributing out of our Alberta warehouse to service as many B.C. stores as possible,” said the representative.

“With access to the Interior now available, the Burns Lake store is once again being serviced out of our Langley facility and receiving orders on a regular basis. We understand that these are uncertain times and we’re asking our customers to maintain normal shopping habits. Our teams are doing their best to keep the shelves full through alternate routes and we encourage everyone to be patient and to be kind to each other and to our team members.”

As for liquor, according to the B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch, they have been rerouting product in the supply chain from distribution centres in the Lower Mainland and the Interior as necessary to service customers in communities in the Northern region.

“We greatly appreciate our customers’ patience and flexibility as we work together to navigate these challenging and unique times. We will continue to work with our vendors to identify alternative solutions to service our customers and maintain service levels, where possible,” a B.C. Liquor Representative told Houston Today.

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