Granisle Crafters Hut displaying arts and crafts handmade by local Granisle artists. (Granisle Visitor InfoCentre photo/Houston Today)

Granisle Crafters Hut displaying arts and crafts handmade by local Granisle artists. (Granisle Visitor InfoCentre photo/Houston Today)

Granisle Crafters Hut to stay open until Christmas this year

Great sales, fewer local shopping options has prompted this decision

The Granisle Crafters Hut, that gives local artists a platform to have their work displayed and sold, will be staying open for a few dates until Christmas.

The Crafters Hut which is located upstairs at the Granisle Visitor Info Centre usually opens in June and lasts until the week after the September long weekend.

On Sept. 5 the Granisle Tourist InfoCentre announced on its Facebook page that the Crafters Hut would be closing up for the season. However, on Sept. 9, the centre posted on the website the news of the Crafters Hut remaining open for an additional few days of the season.

The post read, “Here is the exciting announcement that you have been waiting for!!!! The Crafters Hut will be open on certain dates up until Christmas. That’s right!! New items will be constantly added for your shopping pleasure! If you haven’t had the chance to look to see what is available, here is your opportunity. A big Thank You to the Mayor and Village Council for making this possible.”

The crafters hut would be open every alternate weekend starting the weekend of October 2 and 3 and continuing up to the weekend of December 11 and 12, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“It is all local art, done by local crafters in Granisle and we have a good variety of stuff and we are staying open for extra weekends because this year there are no other crafting fairs or sales happening anywhere in the town. Usually there are other sales that happen but this year there is nothing. So we decided we would stay open,” Cathy Hass, the treasurer who is also in-charge of ensuring things go smoothly at the Crafters Hut.

Hass told Houston Today that the cooperative has been going on for over 30 years in the community where talented people from the community get a chance to sell the crafts they make. The artists pay a small commission to have their work displayed and sold however those artists who volunteer their time to sit at the booth and take charge of the sales, are excused from paying any commission.

With a current total of 15 artists with the hut, this year has been a great year for the crafters according to Hass.

“It’s been exceptionally good this year despite Covid and that’s also why we decided to stay open. The sales trippled this year and we were quite shocked. We were just going to open for Saturdays and then we decided to just go all out,” she said.

The Crafters Hut is now running on both Saturday as well Sunday, every alternate weekend, with Covid-measures like mandatory masks and hand-sanitizers in place.

“Come and see the exceptional talent we have and get the shopping experience with all of the products being handmade by local Granisle artists,” said Hass.

Priyanka Ketkar
Multimedia journalist

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