Golf talk by Bill Wilson

Golf talk by Bill Wilson

If you managed to get out to play this past week I hope you had an enjoyable experience. Remember it is not the score that counts it is whether we enjoy the experience. Of course score does help. Right.

This week I would like to write about what I feel is the most important part of the game. For scoring that is. This would be without a doubt the short game. Short game meaning all shots (including sand) from within the distance of a full pitching wedge. If your full pitching wedge averages 50 yards then all shots shorter would be within the short game. This does not include putting though. We will cover putting in another article. This will also be a two part series. The first to cover set up before the swing and the second article will cover the swing and selecting the proper club for the shot.

Before I begin on the short game I want to explain that when I write I do not refer to right or left handed. There is no difference in fundamentals between right and left hand players. What I refer to is target side and trail side. If you set up to a shot and draw an imaginary vertical line through the center of your body the side of your body that is closest to the target is your target side (left side for right handed players and right side for left had players). Your other side (furthest away from your target) is referred to as your trail side. It can get confusing if I do it any other way. Will also mention this a few times in the future so everyone gets used to it.

Set up for the short shot begins with your feet approximately one foot apart. That is funny. Let’s say twelve inches apart. No need for a wide stance. Ball position is in the centre of your feet no matter which club you are using for the short shot. Now the most important set up position. Your weight should favour your target foot. Think of your target foot having 60 to 70 percent of your weight on it and your trail foot with the remaining weight. Thereabouts. Just be consistent with the weight distribution for all your short shots. You will notice that in doing this your hands will move slightly ahead of the ball (target side). This is good. Your swing focus is to keep the weight on your target side through your swing. Do not transfer your weight to the trail foot when you take the club back away from the ball. This will help you strike the ball firmly and help create a more consistent ball flight. Therefore more control.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope it helps with your game improvement.

See you next week