Skeena River water is extremely high in Houston. (Laura Blackwell photo/Houston Today)

Skeena River water is extremely high in Houston. (Laura Blackwell photo/Houston Today)

Flood Watch issued for Houston

Skeena River’s condition upgraded from High Streamflow Advisory

A flood watch advisory has been issued for the Houston region by the River Forecast Centre.

The advisory was upgraded from a High Streamflow Advisory to a Flood Watch on June 2 at 2:00 p.m. indicating the rapidly rising river levels.

“Recent heavy rain on a melting snowpack has increased flows considerably, especially in the Skeena River watershed, including the Kispiox River,” stated the advisory.

“Automated snow weather stations in the region measured 35‐55mm of precipitation over the past 48 hours. The addition of heavy rain increased the rate of snowmelt significantly. At 4B16P Shedin Creek, 67mm of snow water equivalent melted yesterday (the most of any station in the province) and an additional 50mm has already melted today. The station 4B17P Tsai Creek melted 51mm of snow water equivalent yesterday,” it further stated.

According to the advisory, flooding of areas adjacent to the rivers may occur.

The river forecast centre has maintained the advisory for the Bulkley River at High Streamflow Advisory for the time being.

The BC River Forecast Centre is advising people to stay clear of the rivers, use extreme caution when working near a river and keeping children and animals away from the river. Owners of properties located near the rivers are also being advised to take precautions to protect their homes in case of flooding.

Sandbags to build a protective dike are available for free from the District and residents can get a hold of these by calling 250-845-2238

Priyanka Ketkar
Multimedia journalist

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