A local resident thinks this exercise equipment should be moved. (Houston Today photo)

Exercise equipment location change suggested

A move might increase use, says resident

District of Kitimat staffers are going to look into the idea of moving the location of some outdoor exercise equipment.

The equipment is now at Buck Creek, a location that makes the equipment very rarely used, resident Jean Guenther said in a letter to council.

“In all the years I have walked past the outdoor ‘gym’ equipment by Buck Creek, there was just the one time when somebody was actually exercising,” she wrote.

Guenther instead wonders about moving the equipment to the east end of Steelhead Park by the children’s climbing jungle.

“Adults that bring their children might use it and truckers might also appreciate it,” she said in her letter.

“Truckers do make lots of use of that large parking lot, the outhouse and restaurants and our beautiful Steelhead Park.”

Council considered her request and have passed it to District staffers for consideration.