Dungate Community Forest gives back to the Houston community

Dungate Community Forest (DCF) is a municipality organization in Houston.

Dungate Community Forest (DCF) is a municipality organization in Houston.

Their mission is to sustainably manage the community forest through local input and control for the economic, social, and environmental benefit of the community and land base.

The District of Houston is the only shareholder of DCF.

Its board members were appointed by the District of Houston and its management agreement is with Canadian Forest Products [Canfor].

Seated at the board of directors are Arnold Amonson, Bob Clee, Doug McRae, Russell Tiljoe, and Jerry Veillette.

For the past five years, DCF processeed a volume of 38,000 meters per year. They do not employ people, instead they hire contractors as needed.

At the last regular DCF meeting, topics of discussion were the potential expansion of the community forests, touching base with a representative of Canfor on management, and going over funding requests.

DCF gives 100 per cent back to the community of Houston.

That money is divided up into three pools.

One pool is straight revenue for the district. The second pool is designated for economic development. And the third is for the community grants that DCF gives out.

Any group is able to apply for a grant from DCF. Organizations like the Houston Hiker’s Society and the Figure Skating club have applied in the past.