District of Houston seeks funding for Asset Management Plan

The Houston Asset Management Program will gather data about the District assets and develop a plan for maintaining infrastructure.

The District of Houston is applying for provincial funding to hire a senior intern to look after the Houston Asset Management Program.

The asset program was planned for May to November in 2014, requires the District to hire an intern, and is already in the draft budget, said William Wallace, Director of Finance.

The District hopes to hire their intern through the Job Creation Partnerships Program from the Ministry of Social Development & Social Innovation.

An Asset Management Plan includes gathering detailed data about the District of Houston assets and developing a plan for maintaining District infrastructure.

At a previous budget meeting, Wallace said it will show how much money will be needed for asset management per year, how much should be saved each year to plan for that, and what debt may be required.

The plan will also help the District of Houston get grants, he said.

“In order for the District to qualify for future Federal and Provincial infrastructure cost sharing grants, the District will need to have an Asset Management Plan that shows how it will maintain and replace assets like roads, water and waste water systems.

“Without Federal and Provincial cost sharing the District will have a difficult time renewing its infrastructure,” Wallace said.