District of Houston cuts costs on highway banners

The District of Houston is buying new banners for along Highway 16, cutting costs by switching from seasonal to year-round banners.

The District of Houston is buying new banners for the posts along Highway 16.

Both the winter and summer banners need replacing, as they’ve been used for five years and are typically replaced every two years, said Chief Administrative Officer Michael Glavin.

Council agreed to get banners to hang year round instead of seasonal ones, and Glavin said they’ll save $3,600 per year by not changing them between seasons.

Councillor Rick Lundrigan said the banners might also last longer then two years if they’re not handled.

The new banners will have a new design reflecting the new logo and tagline “Naturally Amazing.”

There are 64 banners and developing new ones costs $7,700 plus shipping, Glavin said.

Council is asking Creative Communications, the company that developed the Houston brand and logo, to develop the design, as they offered it during the branding process.

That will save the District another $500, Glavin said.