District budgets for pool maintenance building

The District of Houston is budgeting $34,000 in 2014 for a maintenance building for the Leisure Facility.

The District of Houston is budgeting for a maintenance building for the Leisure Facility in 2014.

The building will provide work space for the on-going repair of pumps and other equipment and it will store pool chemicals.

Of the full cost estimated $34,000 cost, $31,405 will carry over from the 2013 budget.

Councillors Shane Brienen and Rick Lundrigan agreed that a workspace was needed for pool maintenance.

The current space being used is a very small, hallway-type area upstairs in the Leisure Facility, with plumbing and piping all around, explained Councillor Lundrigan.

“It’s not a workspace really. It’s just a hallway that he’s trying to fix stuff in.

“I can understand the need to have a proper work space,” he said.

Council discussed other options, such as heating a section of the large Public Works cold storage building, but felt it would be best to build a small building close-by.

John Guenther, Interim Community Planner, said 25 to 30 percent of the pool maintenance is done in that area, some of it involving tearing apart pumps and moving in and out of the main facility area.

“He needs a convenient work space,”  he said.