Water service for the Esso gas station was connected last week. (Angelique Houlihan photo)

District benefits from Esso project

Developer paying for portion of Hwy16 sidewalk

The District of Houston is realizing a financial benefit from the construction of the Esso gas station.

And that’s because the station developer has paid $110,000 toward the Hwy16 sidewalk construction project based on the length of the sidewalk that runs adjacent to the gas station property.

“The $110,000 contribution by Esso to the Hwy16 sidewalk project was in lieu of development servicing requirements, as [sidewalk] construction preceded [gas station] site development,” said District of Houston chief administrative officer Gerald Pinchbeck.

“The contribution amount was determined based on the total property frontage benefitting from the sidewalk construction.”

The benefit to the District stems from the Hwy16 sidewalk project which was built and paid for prior to the Esso development so that Esso is now essentially reimbursing the District.

“This was a net benefit to the District,” said Pinchbeck, “as it resulted in a reduction in the amount of gas tax funding which was required to support project costs for which which had already been tendered by the District, therefore resulting in a cost savings.”

In the meantime, work continues at the Esso location with water servicing completed June 21.

And 46 feet of sidewalk was removed earlier on 10th adjacent to the location to better permit development.

It will be replaced once all servicing and other work has concluded and the cost will be borne by the developer.

“A standard term and condition of all building permits issued by the District is that any infrastructure which are damaged or destroyed due to construction activity are to be replaced by the developer, which is what will be occurring in this case,” said Pinchbeck.