Council slims down conference budget

Part of cost savings measures for 2021


A slimmed down council expense budget next year to participate at events and conferences has been affirmed by the District of Houston council, one that reflects the COVID-19 pandemic.

The council will send just one member to six events next year at a combined cost of $7,364 covering attendance fees and per diem expenses. The per diem amount has been set at $165.

It’s a considerably reducef amount from this year’s travel and training budget which was set at $76,700. But the reality of the pandemic reduced the actual expenditure to $4,305 to date.

The 2021 confirmed budget amount follows council’s decision to cut expenses given the pandemic.

The authorized events and conferences are the B.C. Natural Resource Forum, the B.C. Council of Forest Industries annual gathering, the annual general meeting of the North Central Local Government Association, Minerals North and the annual sessions of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Union of B.C. Muncipalities.

In past years, for example, the District sent a delegation, including senior staffers, to the Union of B.C. Muncipalities convention.

Attendance will be by virtual means.