Copeland work underway in Houston

The project to construct a paved right hand turning lane for drivers exiting from Copeland to Hwy16 is scheduled to be finished next month, a memo to council indicates.

The work also consists of replacing a sidewak, curbs and gutters and is now considered a project in tandem with the completion of the downtown revitalization project on 9th St. as well as the construction of the Husky-branded service station and convenience store there.

Council last year approved of the Copeland work and laid out a budget of $144,000.

“The scheduling for this work is based on the availability of Terus Construction workers and could be subject to change,” the memor from District corporate services office Holly Brown noted.

Bylaw adjudication system preferred

Council is backing a suggestion by the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine to use an adjudication system to decide on bylaw violations.

Such a system in which a person hears both sides of a situation that resulted in a ticket being written would be less expensive and cumbersome then using the provincial court system, regional district bylaw enforcement officer Darrell Hill outlined in a memo sent to regional district directors and then to the District of Houston.

As it is, the District already uses the regional district’s bylaw enforcement function by a financial contribution equivalent to a half-time enforcement officer position.