Coastal GasLink update for February

Overall progress over 50 per cent complete

Work on the pipeline will continue into 2023. (File photo/Houston Today)

Work on the pipeline will continue into 2023. (File photo/Houston Today)

Coastal GasLink (CGL) has released their monthly update for ongoing construction of the pipeline with number as of the end of February.

According to the report, overall construction on the pipeline is at 52.2 per cent completion, and overall progress is at 61.6 per cent complete. There were 3,839 workers across the pipeline as of Feb. 28.

In section six from the south of Burns Lake to the south of Houston, construction continues to get closer and closer to completion. The clearing process has been completed for months, and 84.7 per cent of the grading is now complete as well. In terms of installation, 36 per cent of the pipe is installed, which includes activities from stringing through to back filling.

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The key activities listed in the report for the section were mostly involved with snow clearing.

As of Feb. 28 there were 204 workers at the 7 Mile Lodge in section six.

Section seven between south of Houston and north or Morice Lake is not quite as far along. The clearing process is at 96.6 per cent complete, and just 11.2 per cent of grading has been completed. The installation process has yet to begin in the section. As for key activities, environmental mitigation and asset recovery started at the Morice River drill site.

There were 82 workers at Huckleberry Lodge in section seven as of Feb. 28.

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