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Cindy Verbeek chosen as woman of the year

Thirteenth woman to be honoured with the award

Cindy Verbeek, Northern B.C. project coordinator for A Rocha, was chosen as the winner of the 2022 woman of the year award for Houston.

Verbeek was chosen by a committee of peers after three weeks of open nominations were called for by the public in Houston through the Houston and District Chamber of Commerce who helped collect the information.

“When I look at all the women who have won in the past I am honoured to be amongst them and yet feel a sense of both accomplishment and inadequacy, if that’s even possible. What I have accomplished is not just my story, it is God’s story, it is my family’s story, it is a small part of this community’s story,” Verbeek told Houston Today.

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“There are so many men and women who have stood behind me, believed in me, put up with me and took a chance on my crazy, hair brained ideas. So while I am humbled to receive the award I am also very aware that I stand on the shoulders of giants. My prayer is that I can live up to the title. It’s been quite a year,” she continued.

“Due to COVID-19, we have downsized our usual gathering with an international smorgasbord, guest speakers, silent auctions and 100 local women . This year, due in large part to Canfor and the Dungate Community Forest, we were able to have a small ceremony with the past 12 winners of this prestigious award,” said said committee chair Debi Smith, who runs the event.

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“For the first time they will all be given a commemorative award and will be there to help present the 2022 winner of the Houston B.C. Woman of the Year award. Cindy Verbeek received a dozen long stemmed red roses as well as a $100 Houston merchant association gift card and a commemorative plaque.,” said Smith.

This event was started in 2011 by Naomi Himech and was handed to Smith to run in 2017. According to Smith, it hopes to bring light and change to the adverse situations many women around the world face and tries to inspire women to keep supporting each other to be the best they can be.

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