Beanstalk Daycare

Childcare centre recyclables stolen

Money would have been used to buy ‘wishlist’ items

The Beanstalk Childcare Centre has extended its collection of recyclables into this month after someone broke into its yard before Hallowe’en and stole what had been gathered in October.

The value of what was stolen couldn’t be determined but thieves took off with a considerable amount of what had been dropped off at the facility, says coordinator Amanda Tobin.

“This wasn’t just a couple of bags out front. Someone had planned this and knew what they were doing,” she said in describing how fencing was bent back to give the thieves access to the recyclables which were at the back of the building.

“They didn’t even have to break the lock, just bend back the fence.”

And the person or persons must have had a vehicle to carry the stolen recyclables away.

The centre had been considering a bottle drive but because of the COVID-19 pandemic instead asked people to drop off recyclable donations for the month of October.

Money that would have been earned from returning the recyclables would have been used to buy small chairs, ideal for young children as they grow from the toddler stage, and for large building blocks that are used to build structures inside and outside.

“We always have a wish list of thing we wish we could buy,” said Tobin.

The centre now has a security system thanks to a grant from the Dungate Community Forest.