CGL socio-economic management plan

Members of TC energy provided update on pipelines social and economic footprint

The natural resources committee for the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako hosted a presentation by TC Energy on Nov. 4, where an update was provided on Costal GasLink (CGL) socio-economic effects management plan (SEEMP).

The presentation was led by Tanner Moulton from TC Energy public affairs, TC Energy Manager of Socio-Economics Sian Weaver and TC Energy Socio-Economics Socio Advisor Ian McLeod. According to Weaver, the SEEMP is a management plan that identifies CGL’s approach to implementing mitigation during construction, to avoid and reduce potential adverse socio-economic effects on regions and communities.

The report covered wildfire emergency response planning, housing, road quality and waste management.

“We have a model were we look at planning, prevention and provision,” said Weaver when discussing wildfire emergency response. For planning, CGL has not only fully integrated themselves into regional emergency management systems, but they have also developed a vaccine evacuation plan.

There are currently Moderna vaccines in the workforce accommodations along the pipeline, and a plan is in place so if a section was to be evacuated that the vaccines would also be saved and not go to waste.

On the prevention side, CGL has hired a third party wildfire specialist to conduct pre-season audits of emergency planning, as well as monthly audits to confirm the implementation of those plans. In terms of provision, CGL has engaged in a communication of equipment on hand and personnel available to local forestry services daily in the event that a community needs to call on them for support.

Housing was the next topic of discussion. According to Weaver, CGL peaked at over 5,000 workers this fall. As of Oct. 24, there were 4,526workers on the pipeline, with 416 stating at 7 Mile Lodge south of Buns Lake, and 295 at Huckleberry Lodge south of Houston. There are also 10 out of region workers at section six near Burns Lake, as well as 10 in section seven near Houston.

Road work was next on the list, and CGL provided an update on work they’ve done in the local areas “Our teams have been working very closely with the road users in the area to make sure that we’re fixing any issues that come up and maintaining those roads going forward,” said Weaver.

In section six near Burns Lake, 700 Road received high level upgrades including gravel and pull-outs, and Maxan Road received an upgrade on the bridge. A 25-30 year structure is now in place with very little maintenance required. In section seven near Houston, chip seals were completed on Morice FSR at km 44, km 66 and Crystal Creek.

In terms of waste management, CGL reports that in the July to September quarter, 350 tonnes of garbage and construction waste was sent to the RDBN’s Clearview landfill near Vanderhoof, and 825 tonnes went to RDBN’s Knockholt landfill near Houston.

An estimated tipping fee for the quarter was $200,000, given to the RDBN.

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