Canfor seeking a project to support

Canfor is seeking public input about involvement in a community project, now that promised donations towards the Leisure Facility are paid.

Canfor is seeking public input about involvement in a community project.

Lars Hobenshield, Houston Planning Forestry Supervisor at Canfor, was at the town council meeting last week Tuesday to present about Canfor certification and get ideas of things Canfor can financially support.

“What’s a project that will help Houston attract residents and improve the quality of life?” Hobenshield asked council.

He added that Canfor is looking for a project like the Leisure Facility, for which they guaranteed $25,000 a year for four years – a four-year term that is now finished.

“Talking with management, there’s probably not a big appetite [to donate] unless something comes up that catches their attention,” Hobenshield said.

Thanking Hobenshield for coming, Mayor Holmberg said council would get back to Canfor with ideas from council, after they sit down with staff to discuss it.

Councillor Rick Lundrigan said one project might be the Four Seasons Park and the baseball diamond, which would be a multi-year project.

“We certainly appreciate you being here and your willingness to talk to us about what you can do for the community,” said Mayor Holmberg.

“You are a big part of our community and you spend a lot of money as far as tax dollars… we appreciate you being in the community so for you to come and volunteer more, that speaks volumes,” he said.

Canfor is also looking for Public Advisory Group (PAG) members, who advise licensee’s about how to manage sustainable forest management criteria.    Vacancies include reps from fisheries, motorized recreation, environment, mining and First Nations. The next meeting is July 3, 5:30 to 9 p.m. at the Canfor Houston Office.