Teachers Adrienne and Jon Morry along with the students of Babine Lake Elementary posing in front of the 30 laptops the school won. (Submitted/Houston Today)

Teachers Adrienne and Jon Morry along with the students of Babine Lake Elementary posing in front of the 30 laptops the school won. (Submitted/Houston Today)

Babine Lake Elementary school gets 30 laptops for Teacher’s Day Contest

Jonathan Morry is the teacher who won the contest

Two teachers at the Babine Lake Elementary School in Granisle are responsible for the school getting 30 brand-new Chromebooks as part of a teacher’s contest organized by Best Buy and Breakfast Television in September.

Adrienne Morry, a teacher with Babine Lake Elementary school, heard of the contest for nominating the best teacher who is able to keep their students on the right track, and decided to nominate her husband, Jonathan Morry who also a teacher at the same school, .

“Jonathan has been at the Babine Lake school for over 10 years and he has done a fantastic job here. So I just wanted to give him some recognition and I honestly didn’t think we were going to get a response because they said apparently they had quite a few entries,” said Morry, who has herself been with the school for the past four years.

As part pf the nomination process, Morry wrote an essay about Jonathan and submitted it. Three weeks back, Jonathan got a call from the organizers who told him that he had won the grand prize of 30 laptops for the school. The couple also received a $2,500 gift certificate from Best Buy as a surprise.

Jon, who is involved with the community and the students has done a lot of things for his students according to Morry.

“Jon has a really good way of connecting with the students and has been a beacon for the school since he has been here; he is so respected by the students, parents and the staff as well,” she said adding that some of the things Jonathan does are to organize weekly sports nights — before Covid — on his own time for students, providing resume help to parents who are looking for work, running the garden in which all students are involved in — from planting to weeding and then harvesting.

The couple also provides food for Christmas concerts, makes food for parent-teacher meetings, travels to Tachet reserve for the parent-teacher meetings and brings food there as well. They have also had students come to their house to eat. Morry herself has purchased clothes for students at times and they have even lent their own clothes to parents of their students who are interviewing for jobs.

The new laptops are set to be game-changers for the school. The school had 10 laptops but they were old and outdated, according to Morry.

“We have quite a small computer lab and so to hear that we are going to get 30 brand-new Chromebooks for our school, the kids were pretty pumped,” she said, adding that of the 30 laptops, Jon and Adrienne have decided to donate three laptops to the library there and all the old laptops will be donated to the reserve.

Priyanka Ketkar
Multimedia journalist


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