Assault suspect faces 13 charges

A male was arrested Feb. 23 and charged for assault with a weapon after a two-day RCMP investigation starting Feb. 22.

A male was arrested Feb. 23 after a two-day RCMP investigation into an armed assault Feb. 22.

RCMP were called just before 6 p.m. Feb. 22 to a home in Houston, and learned that three individuals were allegedly assaulted with various weapons, said RCMP Sgt. Rose.

Sgt. Rose says none of the victims needed medical attention or hospitalization, and the suspected male was arrested.

RCMP then issued a search warrant at a home on Pearson Avenue, where they seized a number of offence related items, said Sgt. Rose.

The male is facing 13 charges for the offences, Sgt. Rose said.

Sgt. Rose notes that the general public was not at risk at any point because the accused and the victims were well known to each other.


RCMP are investigating a stabbing outside of a local bar just before 4 a.m. Feb. 23, said Sgt. Rose.

Sgt. Rose says RCMP were called by ambulance to assist them as they treated the victim, who was stabbed after a loud disagreement.

The victim had minor, non-life threatening injuries and could not name a suspect, and Sgt. Rose says RCMP continue their investigation.


A semi-truck with a flat-deck trailer hit a small silver Buick at the intersection between Highway 16 and Tweedie Avenue last week Tuesday, said Sgt. Rose.

Sgt. Rose says the semi made a left hand turn from the wrong lane and damaged the front passenger quarter panel.

There was no injuries in the accident, but Sgt. Rose says the driver was issued a ticket for making a turn from the wrong lane.


An intoxicated male was arrested beside Highway 16 just outside of 7-11 at 5 p.m. Feb. 22, said Sgt. Rose.

Sgt. Rose says the male was so intoxicated that he could no longer take care of himself, so he was arrested, lodged in cells until sober and then released and charged for being drunk in a public place.


RCMP stopped a drug-impaired driver on Nadina Avenue near 3rd Street at 2:30 p.m. Feb. 24, said Sgt. Rose.

Sgt. Rose says RCMP demanded a sobriety test which the driver failed, so they issued a 24 hour driving prohibition.


RCMP found a 2005 Pontiac Montana minivan in the ditch near Barrett Station Road last week Tuesday, said Sgt. Rose.

Sgt. Rose says one of the two people in the van was taken to the hospital, but neither was seriously injured.

The driver is expected to face charges for failing to keep right, Sgt. Rose said.