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Active transportation and trail plan moves into phase 4 of implementation

District of Houston looking at creating well connected, safe and accessible network of routes

District of Houston’s active transportation plan is steadily moving ahead with the project now in phase 4 which focuses on implementation and reporting.

As part of this plan, the district is looking at developing a trail system for walking, cycling, rolling and accessing the outdoors for residents. The main objective is to build a transportation network that will provide district-wide coverage, ensuring easy and active travelling throughout the community.

The project launched in September 2021 and set out to understand the existing conditions and future needs of the community through surveys and virtual community meetings.

In a June 21 council meeting, Andrew Cuthbert, urban systems planner presented the feedback received after consulting Houston residents.

Through the survey, residents noted that recreational routes and those which connect to schools and downtown destinations should be given foremost priority through this plan.

Improving road safety and making active transportation choices more accessible for residents of all ages and abilities were also suggested outcomes of these consultations.

Through community engagement, the project identified streets where new sidewalks should be prioritized including Butler Avenue, Mountainview Drive and Highway 16. The same streets were also identified as places where new cycling infrastructure should be prioritized.

Some of the facilities listed in the plan include sidewalks, multi-use pathways, trails for pedestrians as well as bicycle lanes. These facilities are being developed keeping tourism in mind too.

The estimated cost of the recommended active transportation facilities, spread over the next 10 years, will cost around $14.6 million through external grants or future budget processes.

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