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A living library


On Nov. 6, 7 and 8 at Twain Sullivan Elementary School, Grades 4-7 students were introduced to local people and their stories as a Living Library experience. Some of the local people who gave demonstrations where as follows: Lia Long gave record of her family’s 100 years of ranching in the Bulkley Valley, Sharon Redford on drumming, Scott Richmond on professional sports, Jackie Maurer on foraging, Evelyn Miedema on lace making and macrame, Kirsty Lokken on pottery, Les Kearns on fishing, Paul Batley on the Houston Victim Services, Rhonda Spletzer on singer songwriter, Carroll Airey on travel, Brian Hewitt on World War II, Joshua Sienen on bike mechanic, Ted Beck on fly fishing, Margie Wicaruk on living abroad, Diane VanDerWjik and Irene Barden on growing up in Houston, Tanya Landry on the Northern Lights Wildlife Society, Nicole De La Mare on yoga, Angelika Posselt on growing up in Germany, Mrs. Monkman on WWII, Debbie Smith on being an auther, Pam Sjoden on quilting, Cindy Verbeek on fossils, Sargeant Fox with the RCMP, Cheryl Farmer on mountain biking. Breeann Doerksen on making soap. Trevor Doerksen on bee keeping, and Mr. Piano man, Curt Gesh engaged the students with props and piano playing. (Angelique Houlihan photo/Houston Today)