Babine Adventure Race

A tour through B.C.'s longest fresh water lake

Get in gear for the Babine Adventure Race taking place in Granisle on August 26 and 27, 2005. As a multi-discipline cross-country event, the race will include biking, paddling, cross-country on foot, navigation, and possibly some rope work.

The adventure race is being coordinated by Mark Aussem, general manager of Mammoth Lodge in Granisle, with involvement from EcoSpirit Adventures, based out of Vancouver.

EcoSpirit Adventures is a well-established organization that operates as an adventure club, created for people who love the outdoors and want to share their adventures with others.

The club is member driven and volunteer based.

In the future, the adventure race in Granisle may be planned as part of a racing series organized by Eco-Spirit called ‘The Lunatic Fringe‘.

“I am looking forward to 2006 to develop The Lunatic Fringe ‘Recreation Revolution’ in the Granisle area.

We are planning to incorporate local industry as a key part of our event. It is our intent to demonstrate that recreation and industry can co-exist while we promote the recreational tourism opportunities in the Houston/Granisle area,” said Murray Comley of EcoSpirit Adventures.

The race would be open to 100 teams of 4-person co-ed and solos. Skill levels can range from novice to intermediate.

“Next year we hope to offer races both for the serious racer and less serious racer,” said Aussem.

As a point to point race, the teams would compete from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon, with a stop overnight. Winners are determined based on accumulated time.

“We would like to make this series a more social event,” Aussem said. “So people come out to spend the weekend and support the racers.”If you would like any more information on the adventure race, contact Mark Aussem locally at Mammoth Lodge, (250) 697-2900, or for further information EcoSpirit races, check out the web site