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Things could be worse so enjoy today



These days we hear so much doom and gloom. You talk to one person and all they mention is negative, the next person may live with, work with, possibly have things harder, yet, be cheerful and more positive. In fact some of the people most at peace with themselves and a pleasure to be with are often poor by worldly standards or have a hard life somehow.

Following is a saying, I have no idea who wrote it or when. Try and practice it.

If every morning you can find a reason to say yes it is going to be a beautiful day, and every day you find a reason to say yes it is a beautiful day, and every night you find a reason to say yes it was a beautiful day then one day you will look back and easily say yes it was a beautiful life.

The next day it is not so sunny, remember there is only one sun and if it is shining for you it is not for most people in the world. This summer Houston has been beautiful, but oh how we needed snow and rain early on for forests and farmers.

The next time you feel the world, our government, land lords and friends etc. are treating us bad. Stop and ask yourself, how are you treating others?

There are always many who are worse off than we are. The sun is always shining, you just have to look through the clouds or wait awhile.

I believe there is no better way to feel good than to help others, with no thought of being paid back.

If you need help, ask God or his son Jesus Christ. They are like the son. We have to do something.

May God bless you and help you see the “son”(sun)


Brian Hewitt