Pleasant Valley Branch 249 must follow government rules


Pleasant Valley Branch 249 is part of the Royal Canadian Legion. It is not a private business and cannot be treated the same as a business that is privately owned.

Pleasant Valley Branch 249, better known as the Houston Legion, is ruled by a group of volunteer executives who oversee the day-to-day operations, and ensure support and services are available for the community.

This executive body must answer to the members of the branch, to B.C. Yukon Command, as well as the Ministry of Health, B.C. Liquor, B.C. Lotto and Northern Health Food Services.

As an executive, we do not hold the privilege to choose which rules we will follow based on our personal or religious beliefs.

It is our responsibility to protect this not-for-profit organization. Our members trust us to guarantee we are not jeopardizing our branch by receiving citations or fines by disregarding mandates that are implemented by the Government of Canada or the Province of British Columbia.

We appreciate those who comprehend and understand our circumstances and respect the predicament the executives have endured through these difficult times. It is our goal to announce our lounge opening date soon and when we do, we hope our local community will continue to support us by wearing a mask and showing their vaccination passport when they enter our building. For those community members who choose not to follow these rules we hope you stay safe and healthy.

We appreciate the continued support for your local legion.

Joanne Woodbeck

On behlaf of the Branch 249 Executives