Mourning the loss of our friend and long-time member in Houston



Our friend Paul James;

The Houston Snowmobile Club is mourning the loss of our friend and long-time member, Paul James. For the past many years Paul was our trail head director collector on the Telkwa Range trail.

Paul enjoyed meeting and talking with all the snowmobilers as they headed up the road to the parking lot. He would inform riders about the Telkwa Range Caribou and their location as well as encouraging everyone to use the avalanche beacon checker. For many years Paul was always there to help the club out in any way.

Paul and Maryann were avid snowmobilers, frequenting the Rhine Ridge area of the Sibolas Mountain range. Along with Paul and Maryann was Lawrence and Teresa Wicks and Moe Rauch, all spending many weekends touring those hills together.

As an avid outdoorsman and a community-minded person, Paul devoted a lot of his time to sitting on many of the local land resource tables, Caribou advisory processes and for years attending the trappers meetings in the province. He was a quick study of many issues and processes when he was a part of these meeting, often asking many questions and also offering his opinions. For a number of years Paul, Les, Terry and Al would attend a caribou meeting at Darrell & Dina’s every couple of months – of course many homemade cookies were sampled too.

Paul ran his trap line in the Morice Lake area for years and often stayed in his cabin nestled in amongst the trees. Of course, there were a few too many mice and critters for Maryann to stay as often but he went and enjoyed himself.

Paul and Maryann liked to travel many old resource roads on weekends hoping to spot some wildlife along the way, checking out the ever-changing landscape and having the odd picnic.

Paul will be missed immensely by the Houston Snowmobile Club and all of the snowmobilers. We are left with many fond memories, good laughs, conversations and times that were shared through our many years together.

Houston Snowmobile Club