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Let’s get Houston booming again



The one thing I’m getting sick to death of is our elected officials do little to help get us through these man-made bad times but taxing the crap out of us.

I heard the Houston mall is up for sale. I’m calling on Houston council to buy it out and invest more in our community. Give low rental rates and get every room rented out. Restore the mall back to being family friendly and let’s start investing back into our communities again.

Stop letting foreigners buy us out. They do not care but we do. See if Pizza Hut will start up in the mall and others. Let’s get Houston booming again, lets bring back those gold and platinum days again.

Our problems are all man made so let man be the cure. Pay off that mall and use the revenue to help run both the mall and Houston.

Mr. Mayor let’s repair our economy it will cost money but the return will be better and a far brighter tomorrow.

That’s my opinion.

Fred Romanow