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I do not see anyone else flying a flag, putting up a bench



RE: The vigorous debate in the June 28 issue of the Houston Today

I understand the duties of council was to decide and administer the District of Houston for the safety and betterment of all who live in and pass through this jewel of God’s creation. It is not whatever that may be, therefor I am writing to the editor of our paper and not going to council.

Our streets are full of holes and it takes money to fix. Recently it was decided to spend over $20,000 to change the poles on 9th Street because someone thought they look like Christian crosses, at least they thought, thank you Lord. Look out farmers, B.C. Hydro and Telus. Work done on 9th and 10th Street cost a lot of money. It was council’s duty to decide on this project and is not for an individual or group to spend taxpayer’s money to use personal wishes to change after the work is done.

Canada was founded on God’s laws and principles whether we like it or not it was done. Canada prospered under those rules so I think they must have been good, I am thankful. Laws change, people’s ideas change, we go from man power to oxen, to horse, to modern equipment. What used to be illegal became legal and in fact in some cases law.

But God’s ruling never changes. God’s ruling is for mankind’s good. We may not understand or even like it, but it is always for our good.

God ordained intimacy between one man and one woman. I agree with the councilman who advised throwing the whole lot down the toilet.

I am not criticizing people’s lifestyle, that is their choice, but the misuse of tax payers money and forcing their wishes on those who do not agree, that is wrong.

I do not see anyone else flying a flag, putting up a bench or anything else.

Please think about the above.

God bless you,

Brian M. Hewitt