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I agree that Trudeau has to go



In reply to Fred Romanow letter to the editor in the Feb. 7 issue of the Houston Today- Canada could be out of debt in five in years.

I’m not sure about that, but as an N.D.P. party member I’m very upset that the Federal N.D.P. leader is in bed with Trudeau and again I agree that Trudeau has to go. How he got in again I’ll never know. However, I still remember the Stephan Harper Government and how that all went down. Also as far as passing off lies for the truth I believe a lot of politicians do this from time to time.

Also, right now the N.D.P. party is in the lead by quite a margin. I do sometimes wonder if having a majority government over a minority is a good thing as so many changes can just get pushed through without having a debate as to what’s best for our country.

We will never be 100 per cent sure if all the things you mentioned will truly happen or not its just hopeful thinking but good luck to you. Ill stay with my N.D.P. party after more than 60 years so why change now.

Like you said that’s my opinion.

Georgina Dotto