Good job by our emergency responders


Our emergency medical responders reacted to a call last week in Granisle. It was late at night, it was cold -12C or so.

I felt they dealt with it in an extreme caring and talented manner that only capable emergency medical technicians are able to provide. And so they did with amazing grace at this occurrence.

The expertise and science required for this work is remarkable and supreme. I witnessed such an effort in pure selflessness, compassion and love. It is astonishing.

Remember that those who dedicate their care and important services are human beings. Dealing with repeated tremendous trauma every day they work. I feel that they need to rest in between because it could be damaging to the body and mind. That is hard work and can be very physically, mentally and spiritually stressful.

Help your neighbours, keep busy doing good acts.

Please think, and don’t panic, accept the things you can’t change, but do change what you must to help these extraordinary people. Wear good boots with cleats and use ski poles to assist with balance and confidence. The icy conditions are more than treacherous, or were last week. Go team.

Josée Bonhomme