Every business is essential

Letter to the editor


What is essential and what is unessential?

That is a big question. If some one operates a toy store and I have all the toys I want then to me the toy store becomes unessential, or does it? To the person who runs the store it is very essential because that is how he feeds his children. Now Dr. Bonnie Henry and Adrien Dix and John Horgan who have all the toys they want tell him to shut down the store because it is unessential. But the owner needs to feed his children and so refuses to close the door. All off a sudden he becomes a criminal. Yesterday he was a law obeying taxpaying citizen of the province just because government official with a good salary and rich enough to not need or want his product anymore decides his job is unessential. So, his children go hungry and now the man is charged with child abuse, his children become a ward of the state and he is sent to prison.

You may think this is far fetched but that is what happened during World War 2. Churches were also shut down at that time and people were not allowed to gather anymore. Store owners were sent to prison camps even their children were taken away.

I was very young during WW2 but I remember seeing some of the damage done then and it was not pretty.

To me going to church and worshipping God and thanking him for his bountiful blessings in a peaceful manner is essential and does not do any harm to the country instead it may be a blessing.

This country was founded on Christian principles but now has turned 180 degrees. Now if we assemble to worship our God and Saviour, we become criminals only because a politician says it is unessential. How do they know what is essential to me, I have never met them or talked with anyone of them in person.

Yes people Covid 19 is a horrible infectious decease and we do well to take precautions. But we should be cautious how we deal with it. Taking handouts from the government instead of working to earn a living is not the answer. The government will give you money that you pay to it through your taxes. The government does not have money unless it collects it through taxing and how can businesses that are closed down or people who do not work earn money pay taxes.

So, people wake up, take all the precautions you can against Covid 19 but at the same time urge your government to reopen all the businesses. Every business is essential to make this province prosper again.

Martin Onderwater